Product : Plotter ArtTM Print-N-Cut Value Bundle, 1,771 Print-N-Cut Clip Art Images on 2 DVD-ROMs with PDF User Guides & Image Galleries. Standard Royalty Free License.

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The Plotter ArtTM Print-n-Cut Color Collection includes 1,600 beautiful, highly detailed images on
DVD-ROM and a 130 page, full color User Guide and Image Catalog in Adobe Illustrator® PDF
format specially prepared for todays print and cut systems. Versions for Gerber Edge PLT,
Illustrator® EPS and CorelDRAW® CDR are all included.

The Plotter ArtTM Voodoo Graphix Extreme Collection is a library of high quality digital artwork.
Each image has been skillfully created by the original artist with the primary aim of being used in the
making of printed and cut vehicle graphics. The images make extensive use of gradients, blends and
dimensional effects which provide a level of complexity, depth, detail and realism that sets them apart
from the more basic clipart commonly used in vinyl cutting and other forms of graphic design and

Both collections are intended for use in systems designed for printing with process colors on various
films such as vinyl and then, as required, plotter cutting them to shape using the separate, matching
cutpaths provided. They are fully suitable for all forms of process color printing and for incorporating
into larger designs by simply not using the matching cutpaths or by using the cutpaths as clipping masks.

Choose the Standard License to cover most situations for use. Choose the Extended License for additional
permissions for use of the images on manufactured products such as mugs, garments, mouse pads, and any
other product sold on a repetitive basis to different customers; the creation of printed or online catalogs;
and use of the images at more than one location owned by the licensee. This product is sold under license
and is not returnable once opened.

Plotter ArtTM Print-N-Cut Value Bundle, 1,771 Print-N-Cut Clip Art Images on 2 DVD-ROMs with PDF User Guides & Image Galleries - Standard Royalty Free License
- Two Print-N-Cut collections at discounted prices than if purchased separately
- Incredible print quality at huge sizes
- Full color printable User Guides and Image Galleries makes finding the right image easy
- Choose the Extended license version to add permissions for using images on manufactured products, creation of printed and online catalogs, and using images at more than one location of the same owner

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