How to Take the Best Pictures of Your Pets

Do you ever wonder how people manage to take such good pictures of their pets? When you look in a magazine you probably wonder how much that super fast fancy lens must have cost to get that action shot but then you go to look on Instagram and find high quality photos of your friends pets with no blur and the perfect lighting. How is it that every time you try to take cute adorable pictures of your pet all you get is the side of their face or a giant blurry blob? Here’s a compilation of tips from around the internet that will hopefully help you manage to finally get that perfect pic!


Go With Your Pet’s Personality

If your pet is the lazy type that sleeps all day and lounges around get pictures of them in their favorite sleeping spot. Remove all the clutter from their bed area and snap a pic right as they’re heading off to dreamland. If your pet is the type that demands attention and thinks they are one cool dude chances are they won’t mind the attention of a camera and you might even be able to get them to sport a pair of designer sunglasses. You might even want to visit here to find a great deal on a pair of their own. Even dog’s don’t like the sun in their eyes!

Get a Close Up

Since pets tend to be smaller than humans, unless we are talking about a horse, you want to make sure that they don’t get lost in the background. Try to get as close as possible while taking their picture but if that’s not possible you may want to go ahead and invest in a nice zoom lens for your camera.

The Best Lighting

Outdoor lighting is typically the best lighting for taking pictures of animals as flashes don’t work well with pets. They can cause red eye, blinking, or even scare your pet so try to avoid using the flash. The one exception to this rule is if you have a very dark colored pet. You may want to try to use the flash to bring out some depth in their coloring. If you have a white pet make sure there is plenty of color in the shot to make a contrast against their white fur.

Shutter Speed

If you’re good with a camera and know how to adjust shutter speed and aperture go ahead and go to manual mode with a fast shutter speed to grab your pet’s smile before they bolt. If you’re not sure how to do this don’t fret. Check out how-to videos on YouTube or Google to find out how. You don’t need special classes to learn how to take great pics. If you are wanting the least amount of effort possible just simply switch to sports mode on your camera. This will give you a fast shutter speed and help you avoid any blur in your shots.

Use these tips next time you take your pet on a photo shoot and watch them become the next pet star of Instagram!